• We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at most of our locations.  We do not accept personal checks.
    *Customer Notice: A 4% fee will be added to all credit card and debit card sales.
  • Guests are welcome to bring food and beverages to the Zoo with them. Alcohol is prohibited. We do have a food shack and several vending machines throughout the zoo.
  • Service animals are welcome, but pets are not permitted in the Zoo. We do not offer a kennel service and we do not recommend leaving animals in your car while you visit.
  • During inclement weather (rain, snow, cold weather) some of the warmer climate animals may not be out for viewing. Animal safety and well-being is one of our main priorities.
  • During the beginning of May, Late September and October some of the warmer climate animals may not be out for viewing when it is cold and/or raining.
  • The following items are not permitted: Firearms, knives, glass containers, balloons, bicycles, skateboards and other skating equipment (including hover boards), large beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, radios, grills or open fires.

    Getting Around the Zoo


  • Our pathways are packed gravel, and our bathroom facilities are handicap accessible. Please note we do not offer transportation once you are inside the Zoo, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes. The Zoo does have a tram for guests to tour the zoo grounds in comfort. Additional fees do apply for a tram ride.
  • You may exit and re-enter the park in the same day, just be sure to receive a hand-stamp on your way out. If you do not receive a hand-stamp you will not be permitted back into the park.

Map of Hemker Park and Zoo Grounds

(click for larger version)