Guardians of Conservation

“Wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will,” Theodore Roosevelt

Guardians of Conservation is working to guide the next generation down a lifelong path of animal conservation by bringing the world to their fingertips. Our younger generation may never get to see a rhino, giraffes, Bontebok, or Alpine Ibex as their populations are dwindling. Guardians of Conservation (GOC) finds this very disturbing to not have the young and all people understand the magnificence of a rhino, or truly understand how tall a giraffe is! They will never get the chance to appreciate what the role of a Bontebok or an Alpine Ibex has in our world. Furthermore, understand their importance to our ecosystem.

The Guardians of Conservation is a new 501 (C) (3) with the purpose of supporting endangered animal conservation and education efforts locally through Hemker Park & Zoo and around the world.

Along with our mission to help support endangered animal conservation and education efforts; the GOC relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. The GOC is looking for partners to help move forward with animal conservation and education both locally and worldwide.


Hemker Park & Zoo thanks you for your donations of goods to help us provide care to our animal guests. We’ve created an Amazon Wish List of items in most need.