When you learn about each of the animals at Hemker Park & Zoo, it can be inspiring to join us in doing even a little bit more to ensure that natural and safe animal habitat continues to be protected around the world. See how you can join us in engaging in conservation efforts for both our park land and habitat in the wild. 

Emergency Operations Funds

Hemker Park & Zoo Needs You

Hemker Park & Zoo can always benefit from financial donations. They make a big impact, no matter the amount, ensuring that we can continue to overcome obstacles and challenges that come during unpredictable times. No matter what, our animal care and veterinary teams continue to show up and provide excellent care for all of our animals at the Zoo. That’s why your philanthropic support has been so crucial in providing stability for us. Thank you to those who continue to donate, and we invite you to give a gift to help with the care and feeding of our animals and other critical operations. We greatly appreciate your support!


Help Fight for their Survival!

Hemker Park & Zoo is working with Rhino Conservation to protect these amazing animals. We are fortunate to have Tio in our zoo family and we’re asking you to continue looking out for all Rhinos even after your visit. Together we can help fund efforts to protect and defend rhino habitat from poachers. Proceeds will go to our friends at the Rhino Conservation.


When you sponsor an animal at Hemker Zoo, you gain a deeper connection with the animals that you love. A sponsorship helps you to realize, respect, and protect the animal world and our environment.

Through our Sponsor an Animal program, individuals, families, school groups and civic organizations are invited to adopt an animal and become a partner in providing the best posible care at Hemker Park & Zoo. Besides the satisfaction of helping your selected animal, each sponsorship type comes with its own unique benefits.

To find out more about sponsoring an animal, contact us at (320) 836-02426 or send us a message.

Also, don’t forget to find out if your workplace has a donation matching program. Every little bit helps your animal friends at the zoo.

A Legacy of Love

What began as Mark & Joan Hemker's simple dream in 1977 has grown to give families up close access to more than 50 different species from around the globe. Now operated by their children and families, Hemker Park & Zoo is an inviting and educational activity that will not disappoint.