Guardians of Conservation

Guardians of Conservation is working to guide the next generation down a lifelong path of animal conservation by bringing the world to their fingertips.

Our younger generation may never get to see a rhino, giraffes, Bontebok, or Alpine Ibex as their populations are dwindling. Guardians of Conservation (GOC) finds this very disturbing to not have the young and all people understand the magnificence of a rhino, or truly understand how tall a giraffe is! They will never get the chance to appreciate what the role of a Bontebok or an Alpine Ibex has in our world. Furthermore, understand their importance to our ecosystem. 

The Guardians of Conservation is a new 501 (C) (3) with the purpose of supporting endangered animal conservation and education efforts locally through Hemker Park & Zoo and around the world. The GOC is working with Hemker Park & Zoo in Freeport Minnesota. What began as a simple dream in 1977 has grown to give families up close access to over 50 different species from around the globe. The mission of Hemker Park & Zoo (HPZ) is to highlight and enhance animals’ species and encourage environmental conservation through integrated partnerships and practical approaches to wildlife management. HPZ & GOC works hard to share the wonder and importance of conservation, as well as the critical importance of the role of animals within our ecosystem. Guests can expect to learn from their visit about our world while enjoying the over 200 animals that call HPZ home.

Along with our mission to help support endangered animal conservation and education efforts; the GOC relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. The GOC is looking for partners to help move forward with animal conservation and education both locally and worldwide. Your support will help provide the endangered animals at HPZ with the fresh, nutritious foods, habitats, and overall care that play such an important role in their physical and emotional well-being, day after day, week after week; while educating our communities on the importance of conservation and what we can all do in our own backyards!

Each and every endangered animal means the world to us, and we are deeply grateful for your support. Your gift today makes a big difference tomorrow and every day!

You can contact the Guardians of Conservation by email at guardiansofconservation@gmail.com or by phone at 320-836-2426.

Donations can be sent to: Guardians of Conservation PO Box 262 Freeport MN 56331

A Legacy of Love

What began as Mark & Joan Hemker's simple dream in 1977 has grown to give families up close access to more than 50 different species from around the globe. Now operated by their children and families, Hemker Park & Zoo is an inviting and educational activity that will not disappoint.