Hemker Park & Zoo Needs Your Support!

Hemker Park & Zoo can always benefit from financial donations. They make a big impact, no matter the amount, ensuring that we can continue to overcome obstacles and challenges that come during unpredictable times. 

No matter what, our animal care and veterinary teams continue to show up and provide excellent care for all of our animals at the Zoo. That’s why your philanthropic support has been so crucial in providing stability for us. Thank you to those who continue to donate, and we invite you to give a gift to help with the care and feeding of our animals and other critical operations. We greatly appreciate your support!

Donate to Save Rhinos


Hemker Park & Zoo is working with Rhino Conservation to protect these amazing animals. Help us fund efforts to protect and defend rhino habitat from poachers. Proceeds will go to Rhino Conservation.

You Can also Mail your Donation to: Hemker Park & Zoo PO Box 262 Freeport MN 56331