Zoo to You

Hands-on fun and learning!

Hemker Park & Zoo’s Zoo to You program is a unique way to learn about and experience zoo animals at your school, organization or home.

Animals available for mobile zoo packages include alligators, giant tortoises, rabbits, lizards and more. Visits include hands-on learning sessions, and educational talks on the animals which include discussing where they are found, what special adaptions they have to live in the area they do, how we care for them, what types of enrichment we do with them at the zoo and more!



Go behind-the-scenes with educators and zookeepers and meet the animals up close!



Enjoy an unforgettable private two-hour guided tour through the Hemker Park & Zoo grounds.



Information on field trips and Hemker Park & Zoo’s year-round in-school educational initiative.


Zoo to You

A unique way to learn about and experience zoo animals at your school, organization or home.

Virtual Zoo to You

Can’t come to the Zoo? We can still bring the Zoo to you and still practice social distancing through these virtual programs.Whether you are a school classroom, a family, youth group, senior center, or even corporate organization, you can:

  • Meet animal ambassadors up-close
  • Have a live conservation with a zookeeper.
  • Enjoy amazing animal experience for everyone!
Discover Who May Virtually Visit you:
  • A Cockatoo that talks
  • A 10 foot long Boa Constrictor
  • Sunny our Burmese Python
  • Gator our American Alligator
  • Tortoise
  • Stripped Skunk

Basic Virtual Package


15-20 Minute virtual meet and greet
Includes one (1) animal ambassador

Standard Virtual Package


30-40 Minute virtual meet and greet
Included three (3) animal ambassador

Premium Virtual Package


45-60 Minute virtual meet and greet
Included five (5) animal ambassador

Refunds, Cancellations or Changes

A refund request must be received no less than TWO WEEKS prior to the start of the program. If approved, the Zoo will refund the amount of the fee minus a $25 non-refundable deposit. No refunds will be given after two weeks prior to the start of the program.

We do not issue refunds for parties that do not show for their reservation. If you need to cancel or reschedule your event, please refer to the confirmation email received upon registration. For further inquiry, please contact us.


Teachers and school children of all ages love taking field trips to Hemker Park & Zoo, where education comes to life, with an up-close safari through the animal kingdom.

Students can experience some of the world’s most spectacular and fascinating animals without leaving Central Minnesota.

The zoo offers the choice of a wide variety of field trip packages for schools and other large groups. Undercover picnic facilities and a play set are also available. During visit we will have educational talks throughout the zoo to highlight some of our zoo family!

School Group FAQ and Rules

A Legacy of Love

What began as Mark & Joan Hemker's simple dream in 1977 has grown to give families up close access to more than 50 different species from around the globe. Now operated by their children and families, Hemker Park & Zoo is an inviting and educational activity that will not disappoint.