What began as a simple dream in 1977 has grown to give families up close access to over 50 different species from around the globe. The mission of Hemker Park & Zoo is to highlight and enhance animals’ species and encourage environmental conservation through integrated partnerships and practical approaches to wildlife management. Hemker Park & Zoo works hard to share the wonder and importance of conservation, as well as the critical importance of the role of animals within our ecosystem. Guests can expect to learn from their visit about our world while enjoying the over 200 animals that call Hemker Park & Zoo home.


Founded by Mark & Joan Hemker, the zoo has become a labor of love to honor Mark’s legacy since his passing 2006. Now operated by Joan and their children and their children’s families. Hemker Park & Zoo is an inviting and educational activity that will not disappoint. The zoo continues to grow each year and new additions occur throughout the breathtaking Minnesota seasons.

Hemker Park and Zoo